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If your carpet has seen better days, accumulating dirt, dust, mud, and grime over the years then Gil’s Carpet Buster is the company you need. We use specialist equipment, shampoos, and conditioners to restore your carpet back to its former glory, leaving it soft, supple, and to be proud of.

We never tire of seeing the reactions of our customers after we’ve finished the hard work. Time and time again we see the shock on their faces as we completely transform the carpet, giving your entire home a fresh scent and feel. So, what’re you waiting for?!

25 Years Experience

Decades in the Business

Your Number One Carpet Cleaning Choice – Gil’s Carpet Buster

We’ve worked on a ton of different properties. From normal residential homes to huge office spaces, we’ve really worked on all shapes and sizes.

Office spaces in particular can start to form layers of dirt and dust, despite frequent vacuuming. It’s our recommendation that any building with over 20 employees, should have a deep carpet clean every 6-12 months. This ensures your carpet remains in like-new condition, whilst preventing the spread and smell of germs.

If it includes a carpet, we can do it!

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Excellently priced

Tailored products to suit fabrics

Exceptional customer service

Decades of experience

Professional grade equipment

Tons of happy customers


What can we work on?

Area Rug Cleaning

Carpet & Rugs

Delicate or tough, we can extract years of accumulated dirt and grime, leaving your precious rugs feeling new again.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Company Costs in Seaford, New York


Stains? Smelly? We’ve got you covered. Let Gil’s Carpet Buster have at it and we’ll make sure your sofa smells and feels lovely.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Perhaps your drapes have that ‘dusty’ feel. We’ve got steam cleaners that will breathe new life into them.

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