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How To Get Furniture Marks Out of Carpet

How To Get Furniture Marks Out of Carpet

Tired of furniture indentures left on your carpets?

You are not alone.

Carpet fibers can be easily compressed and when heavy furniture is placed on your beautifully plush carpets can leave behind marks that are unappealing.

They ruin the look of your carpets and can be an unnerving sight.

While the damage caused by placing or dragging your furniture across the carpet is not permanent, it may well work to your advantage to find a quick fix.

You may have decided to rearrange your furniture only to see remnants of your old setting.

Perhaps you have placed the furniture aside because you are hosting a lunch at your place and don’t want them bumping into chairs and coffee tables.

Or perhaps, your previous homeowner left behind carpets that had furniture indentures.

In each of these cases, you may want to find a solution to your woes.

We at Gil’s Carpet Buster have gathered some of the top-most, foolproof ways on how to get furniture marks out of carpet.

Keep reading below and see the practical video here on which method works best.

What You’ll Need

Getting furniture marks out of carpets is generally no rocket science.

Nor do you require any extra equipment for the cause.

We have highlighted some of the top most supplies and types of equipment that work in a blink to eliminate those annoying indentures.

You may not need all of these things.

However, for better measure, you can substitute for all the following methods.

  • Use cool ice to make the indentures disappear
  • Use of heat such as with a blow-dryer or flat iron

How to Get Furniture Marks Out of Carpets?

There can be several solutions to how to get furniture marks out of carpet.

In general, all methods work best.

But if you are looking for the fastest fix then you may want to resort to heat rather than ice.

The following three methods have been proven to remove furniture indentures from all types of carpets whether saxony, twist or Berber.

Method 1: Use Ice

As mentioned earlier, this method is not your ideal if you want a quick solution at the last minute.

That is because this method requires an overnight procedure that would only yield results the next day.

Here’s the detailed method of what you do.

If you have a few large marks in your carpet, simply fill those indentures with ice cubes and leave them overnight.

The ice would melt while the fibers of the carpet take in the moisture over 24 hours.

In the morning, get rid of excess dampness by using a cloth to blot away the water.

Use your bare hands to smoothen out the fibers of the carpet in the direction they are woven in.

And voila you have your carpet as good as new.

 Proceed with a carpet cleaner or a rug cleaner to make your carpet ready to cater to your guests.

Method 2: Blow Dryer to the Rescue

The next method involving heat via a blow dryer is a fast way to get rid of those carpet marks.

For starters, you’ll need to prepare the carpet for the blow dry.

To achieve this, spray some water onto areas where the indentures are.

This method works best for carpets that are not very plush or have a lot of fibers.

Once wet, the next step is to dry the blow dryer.

Keep your blow dryer at the highest setting and dry away the water.

Use your fingers to comb through the fibers of the carpet, taking care that they are combed in the same direction as the original direction in which fibers are woven.

Method 3: Use of Flat Iron

This method is quite similar to the blow dryer method.

All you need is to replace the blow dryer with a flat iron.

You don’t need to spray water on the carpet.

Rather, cover up the indenture area with an old piece of cloth to avoid it burning.

Follow it with the iron steam and comb your fingers through the carpet in the direction in which the original fibers are woven.

The Bottom Line

As you may already have deduced, removing furniture indentures from carpets is quite an easy feat that requires no special training.

However, in case you are dealing with a very large area or have too many small furniture marks on the carpet, we suggest seeking out the professional help of the rug cleaning company in Nassau like ours that is Gil’s Carpet Buster.

Here we treat your favorite carpets with the love and attention they deserve.

From carpet cleaning services to their maintenance, we assist our clients throughout the process.

Reach us out for such services or alternatively visit our website to learn more on how to get furniture marks out of carpet and other ways to protect your carpets.

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