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How to Get Red Wine out Of the Carpet

How to Get Red Wine out Of the Carpet

When moving into a new home, what you want is a beautiful carpet and a home-warming party with a glass of wine is a mandatory follow-up.

But despite being an ideal drink of choice, the fear of red wine spills can make it all sour.

After all, having guests over means, you cannot go DIY on the carpet, which will stain.

That’s when Gil’s Carpet Buster slides into the scene.

Before having your next party, you can always have us on speed dial!

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Removing Red Wine from The Carpet

Red wine can leave a permanent mark if it sinks in the carpet fibers for too long.

Scrubbing the stain often makes it worse than before.

You have to spin into action and think fast in times like these!

If contacting experts is your last resort, then learning how to get red wine out of the carpet will be your cup of tea.

This guide will walk you through the tips and tricks of cleaning your carpet like before.

Springing into quick action if a spill takes place is among the foremost things you will need to do in the case of a spill.

Following that, you will have to remember some common home-available ingredients that will act as carpet cleaner.

Following are some of the most common ways to get red wine out of the carpet. 

Take Robust Action

In learning how to get red wine out of the carpet, it is imperative to remember that your response must be quick.

The more you let it settle down, the harder it will become to clean your rug.

The stain of red wine holds power to become permanent.

As soon as it hits the floor, jump into action.

Remember, you need to blot, not rub!

The stain has to be cleaned with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Try and blot as much of the red wine residue as you possibly can.

Following it, add a small amount of cold water to the stained area and then blot again.

Once the spilled wine has been cleaned up, the seepage has slowed but has yet to stop completely.

It is time that you remove the stain completely.

Salt as a Cleaner

In cases where you spill red wine on the carpet, salt will be your best rug cleaner.

Once you have blotted the red wine as much as possible, the next hack would be to cover the stained area with salt until the red wine stain can no longer be seen.

Give the salt ample time to soak the wet wine and let it completely dry.

The salt will then suck the wine as it continues to dry.

Once the salt has dried completely, vacuum the carpeted floor.

Use Baking Soda as a Paste

Another option in carpet cleaning for red wine stains is baking soda.

Once completely blotted the carpet, you should pour cold water on the stained area.

This would help in diluting the stain and making the blot easier.

Then, you will have to go ahead and prepare a paste by mixing one-part water with three parts of baking soda.

You will then apply this mixture to the affected area.

Once the paste has completely dried, you can easily vacuum the carpet.

If this method remains futile, you can always contact us at Gil’s Carpet Buster to remove the stain effectively.

Using Club Soda for Cleaning

In order to remove red wine stains from the carpet, you can also use club soda.

All you’ll need to do is perform blotting for the stain with a clean and dry cloth.

Then, pour some club soda on it and blot it again.

Keep on repeating the process until the stain disappears.

Use Vinegar as a Cleaner

The first step of stain removal is blotting.

Once that is completed, you move on to the next step.

After blotting, pour two cups of warm water into a small bowl.

Then, mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and one tablespoon of Vinegar.

Then dip a sponge in the bowl and let it completely soak.

Following it, you will apply the solution onto the stain with the sponge.

Then continue blotting the stain until it has completely lifted.

Gil’s Carpet Buster – Your Carpet Saver Service

You can either choose to have a rug cleaning company in Nassau, at speed dial for stain removal purposes, or go DIY!

However, with our quick and robust carpet cleaner services, you would not have to worry about getting that red wine out of your carpet.

Leave the matters to us while you entertain your guests and have a memorable night.

Now that you know how to get red wine out of the carpet, it is time to make an appropriate decision.

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