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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration Services in Nassau County

Extensive water damage to your carpets or rugs is inevitable, especially when storms, floods, or problems caused by plumbing may happen.

Depending on the situation, dealing with water damage from pipes or relatively clean sources is easy.

However, if the damage in our carpet is from a flood and has been exposed to sewage, soil, and dirty water, it could be a source of molds and bacteria that can harm our health.

Whether in-home or in offices, this damage needs immediate action to avoid further carpet deterioration.

Let’s dive into the following ways to restore a carpet that is damaged by water:

Carpet Appraisement

Assessing what kind of water source is the first thing we need to do before carpet cleaning to determine if your carpet is worth saving for.

Clean water may be from tub or sink flows and broken water supply lines, which can be easy to clean, while gray water is typically from washing machines.

Lastly, if the water is black, usually from floods or streams containing many germs and pathogenic microorganisms, a call to a professional is a must.

Whatever the source is, fixing the mainspring is essential to prevent the continuous flow of water.

Time For Extraction

Next for carpet remediation is to remove all the excess water in the carpet before any repairs are made.

To determine what kind of extraction techniques to use, identify what carpet or rugs to install.

Make sure to remove or elevate all the furniture in the area to avoid stains on the rug or carpet and anything that may hinder the extraction process.

Using the dry towels, blot up the affected area and naturally absorb the excess water.

Squeeze it and repeat the procedure as many times as necessary.

Another way to drain the water is through a water vacuum or carpet water extractor since the regular vacuum cleaner does not apply to this process.

With a water extractor, you put the want over the afflicted area until the extractor tank is suctioning no more water.

For the best result, redo the step once more, even after emptying the vacuum, to ensure no more water in the carpet.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Any water damage, either from burst pipes or sewage, should have carpet cleaning with disinfectant to remove all kinds of contaminations and viruses the water left behind.

Using steam cleaning and shampooing is an excellent way to get rid of any dirt and bacteria on your carpet to guarantee sanitization.

Brushing lightly with a soft bristle brush and solutions is also ideal for rug cleaning and sanitizing.

Wear boots, rubber gloves, eyewear, and a mask when disinfecting to protect you from both solutions and direct contact with water from sewage or flood.

Dry, Dry, and Dry

Yes, it takes a lot of time to dry the carpet, especially the thick ones, but this drying process and the proper extraction are both vital to the water damage restoration of the carpet.

Fans and drying tools like a dehumidifier and air mover will help dry the carpet.

Sunlight or window opening will add up the drying process and promote air circulation, not to mention it will kill the molds to grow even more.

Replacing the carpet padding is required as well to stop the mildew from the possibility of spreading.

Moreover, it takes 24 hours or longer to complete this stage, depending on the thickness and size of the carpet.

Note that foot traffic should be narrow while drying, and nothing comes in contact.

Refurbishing the Carpet

Finally, the last step in water damage restoration is the restoration itself.

Carpet restoration means the subject must look like it is new or at least close to that.

After the drying process is complete, installing extra ventilation is ideal to endure the moisture, and adding materials that can resist any water damage is also a huge help.

Carpeting is expensive; hence carpet restoration is possible, and refrain you from buying the new one.

Still Filthy? Leave it to the Pros!

Trusting the professionals is always the finest bet.

Although DIY can be an option, calling the experts like Gil’s Carpet Buster is better and safer.

We are a carpet cleaning company in Manhattan that provides deep-clean and immediate assistance in any carpet or rug concerns.

Our highly trained professionals use advanced water extraction and drying equipment to ensure your carpet is completely dry and germ-free.

We at Gil’s Carpet Buster, a Nassau carpet cleaning company, focus on your comfort and safety.

Call us today to know more about us.

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